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Healthy starts NOW.

A huge thank you to everyone who came out to the herbs and medicinal plants workshop on Monday!  We had a great group of people, asking fantastic questions, and who shared some of their knowledge and experience with me…so we all learned something!

photo 3One of my favorite things is when I pass chamomile or ginger tea around and people respond with something like “you know, I didn’t think I liked chamomile, but now that I’ve tried it again, I really do like it!”

photo-1And when I get feedback from people who attended a workshop, and they tell me that they just got back from shopping for their new, healthier way of eating, or for some herbs that they are going to add to their life, and you can hear the excitement in their voice….well that’s really the reason I do this job.

You want to start living a healthier life?  Want to live at 120% of your potential?

Do it.

Healthy starts NOW.



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