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I went on a coffee picking hike with my trusty sidekick, and we scored almost as many coffee berries as we did mosquito bites:)






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Tomoko took us to an organic farm in Kula where you can pick all your own veggies, and the moment we stepped out of the car, I couldn’t stop smiling.  The vegetables were all so healthy and beautiful….and there were so many bees and butterflies flutterby-ing from plant to plant. 




Mana and I were picking some spinach, and a bee landed on her leg.  It sniffed around for a minute and flew away…but not before we had a chance to say thank you for pollinating our food.



And as a huge bonus, I picked up some beeswax from the farm’s honey comb.  I use beeswax in lip balm and my Magic Green Stuff salve, and I’m stoked that I got to meet the bees that made it:)

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I’ve been slowing harvesting the echinacea in my garden for almost a month now, and it’s still blooming~


Native Americans have known for ages that echinacea kick starts your immune system when you feel run down or have caught a cold.  Thanks to this cheerful looking plant, and raw garlic, I haven’t used antibiotics in about 6 or 7 years.  (Don’t let it’s appearance fool you, this is strong medicine)

エキナセアはずっと免疫力を促進するため,アメリカ先住民に使われてました。 今でもアメリカですごい信頼されている薬草です。風邪をひいてしまった時でも、体が疲れ果てて、風邪ひきやすいそうの時にもおすすめ。 私の風邪とインフルエンザはいつもエキナセアと生にんにくに任せて、6-7年間くらいで個性物質を飲んでません。


If you are going to use echinacea, keep one important point in mind~ if you don’t take enough, it won’t work.  A good rule of thumb is to take about one heaping teaspoon of powdered herb every two hours~ You can mix it with a bit of warm water and shoot it back, or put a day’s worth in a to-go bottle with some water and lemon juice and take big swigs every two hours.  If it’s good quality echinacea, it should tingle on your tongue a bit:)

エキナセアについて、一つのポイントを覚えておいて欲しいで~す: 飲む量が足りない場合には効き目がありません。 おおまかなやり方は、二時間おきにエキナセアの粉小さじ1杯水かお湯と混ぜて一気に飲みます。 一日持ち歩ける分を作りたい時、PETボトルに一日分の粉を入れ、水とレモンジュースを入れて振ります。 二時間おきにゴクゴク飲んでくださいね~

上質なエキナセアであれば、舌にちょっと気持ちよ~くひりひりしますね。。。 :)

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You wanna see my good mistake?  Let’s take a walk in the garden~

Yup, the garden is just through here...んん、ガーデンはここからですよ
もちょっとね。。。just a bit farther

もちょっとね。。。just a bit farther

o.k.!  here! これだ!

o.k.! here! これだ!

What kind of flowers do you think these are?


They’re carrots! ニンジンだ! How cool are they? かわいいよね~


I am actually a bit disappointed that I don’t have any carrots to eat…when I planted the seeds, I didn’t realize that I had bought the mini variety~so I kept waiting for them to get big enough to eat and before I knew it, the leafy tops had grown to be as tall as me!  Yamagata San from the plot next door to mine explained that all the vitamins and good stuff had gone from the root up to the leaves and it was preparing to make seeds so I wouldn’t be able to eat them.  Hm~o.k., so I’ll just wait for the seeds and plant them again, no biggie~and then these amazing u.f.o. shaped flowers popped out!  Score!  They are in vases all around the shop and everyone asks what they are and where I got them. 🙂


oh yeah…today was bleeping hot yo, maybe this video will make you feel like you had a dip in the ocean:) enjoy.

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sage flowers

sage flower

(scroll down for English)


セージ(salvia officianalis)は喉頭炎とのどの痛みに特効薬であります。揮発油のためセージは体を暖める消毒剤と抗菌です。さらに抗炎症と粘液を抑える成分が入っています。このレシピを作ってみて下さいね。
















I still remember the first time my sage bloomed 5 or 6 years ago…it seems like overnight the plant went from a non-descript skinny green thing to an explosion of intricate purple flowers that almost shout in the sunlight.  I came around the corner and actually let out a little yelp when I saw this new and unexpected addition of color. Now I look forward to it every spring and it seems like it takes longer every yearJ.

Sage (salvia officianalis) is one of the most respected remedies for laryngitis and sore throat.  It’s full of volatile oils, making it a warming antiseptic and antimicrobial.  It also has anti-inflammatory properties and reduces mucus.  Try this recipe:

Gargle for sore throat or laryngitis:

1 cup apple cider vinegar

1 cup strong sage tea

2-3 teaspoons salt

a pinch of cayenne

Mix it up and gargle a bit at a time every 20-30 minutes or so.

(this gargle doesn’t taste so good, but it will have you singing opera in no time!)

You can also add sage to meats, potatoes, soups and salad dressings~it aids digestion of fatty meats, lowers cholesterol levels and helps your liver do its job.  Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food!!

Easy salad dressing recipe:

1 part olive oil

1 part white wine vinegar

a few fresh chopped sage leaves and a bit of rosemary or basil

1 clove of pressed or finely chopped garlic

a dash of mustard (any kind will do)

a dash of sugar

salt and pepper to taste

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